First Steps

Though he has been walking with assistance for some time now, the little man took his first big leap and actually walked on his own yesterday. Well, he more staggered from Grandma's arms to mine, but he did it on his own and that's what counts. Everyone cheered for him and he soaked up all of the attention. 


I was just looking at pictures of him from a year ago - with his floppy head and puffy eyes. He sure was cute, but I like where he's at right now. Even though I get tired after 30 minutes of carrying him around the house while he points at everything and says "dat!" I love how much he is exploring and getting to know the world around him. I love watching him play with his trucks, driving them around the carpet and saying "vroom!"  It all feels so much easier than those first few months where I was exhausted and scared.  


He's growing up before my eyes and it's such a privilege to watch.  



I was initially concerned that Reason would hate Halloween. In the past when people have painted their faces or put on wigs he was unsettled bordering on frightened. So last night at the school party I did my best to prepare him for lots of people he loves to look a little different. Turns out I was worried for nothing - he did great. He was a little weirded out when Grandma Connie (his favorite person on the PLANET) looked a little different than normal, but he got over it quickly.  


He wore a dragon costume and basked in all of the positive attention from his fellow partygoers. Predictably, he wouldn't wear the hat part of the costume for more than a couple of minutes, but he did sit still long enough for me to get a picture. Pretty cute stuff. Even cuter after I taught him to roar. 



One Year Old

Reason's first birthday has come and gone. There was much smushy cake mess, lots of new toys and clothes, and a whole ton of family love.  


Reason continues to be hilarious and entertaining (see the video above). His favorite thing is to dance to music even if it's just a commercial jingle. He is attached to me at the hip; if I move even a few feet away from him he becomes very worried. It's sweet that he's so attached, but sometimes I just want to go to the bathroom without a total meltdown.  


He got a bunch of toys for his birthday and so far his favorite seems to be a toy airplane that sings when you press a button. He pushes it around the floor and says "bbbbb", which is his version of "vroom!" He is starting to play more and more on his own which is fun to watch.  

Babbling Away

This little man has been chatting away the past few days. Sometimes he is so serious and earnest I wish I could understand him, but sadly his meaning evades me. It's awfully cute to watch him, though.

Second Word!

Reason has said his second word: bottle! Now, let's be clear, he's not saying that word clear as a bell rather he's using sylables like "baba" or "bbbbbb" to symbolize his desire for a bottle. But given that he's actually communicating his deisres I consider that a pretty significant milestone. 

He also has a new favorite game, which involves jumping on my back while I'm sitting on the bed and engaging in a protracted wrestling session. He loves being tossed around and tickled. He also likes to crawl away as fast as possible when I say "I'm gonna get you!" He squeals with laughter when I catch him and more tickling ensues. 


It's becoming more and more apparent to me that this kid is an extrovert and really wants to play with others. In fact, I don't think he even considers an activity to be "playing" unless there are other people involved. At this point, however, he doesn't have any other baby friends to interact with. I've gone to a few of the Mommy groups in Denver, but have found the conversation to be alternatively frustraitng and tiresome. I'm just not the kind of Mom who can discuss my baby's developmental milestones for hours on end. I have felt rather acutely that I don't fit in with the Baby Einstein, competitive preschool applications crowd (thanks, Alpine Valley School) so I just haven't found a Mommy group that I want to hang out with. As a result, Reason spends most of his time with Sean, Grandma Connie, and me. Thankfully, school will be starting soon and, as with last year, when I go he goes with me, so there will be some other people there to interact with and I know he'll just love that to pieces. 

He's such a happy guy, playing and exploring and poking his little head into everything. Drawers are a fascinating phenomenon for him right now - opening them, closing them, emptying them of their contents. I just have to be vigilant to make sure he doesn't accidentally slam his little fingers in one.

Daddy is on the Mend

Poor Reason hasn't been getting very much attention lately. Sean wound up in the hospital with an emergency life-threatening condition and so we've been dealing with that whole can of worms.  


Thankfully Sean is doing better now and is continuing to heal at home. We're starting to get things back to normal for Reason, at least as much as possible. School is going to start next week as well, which I think he'll really enjoy.  He'll get a lot of attention from the kids, which he loves more than anything else in the world. 


Thank goodness for Grandma Connie who has been caring for Reason (along with showering him with love and affection) while I've been at the hospital. We couldn't have made it through this experience without her!  

Look at me!  

Look at me!  

Learning To Walk

Walking has become a source of endless fascination for the little man. He pulls himself up on everything (stable or not) and tries to take some tentative steps.  

We have a walking toy that, until today, he pretty much ignored. But when I put it next to him as he was standing up he reached for it and off he went. Suddenly the walker is his favorite toy, at least for today. And I continue to be amazed by how fast he's growing. Seems like it was just a few months ago he couldn't even sit up. Oh wait, it was. 

Splashing and Swimming

We took Reason to a local water park today. He had a great time sitting in the wading pool and splashing around. He tried to drink from the fountains and got sprayed in the face multiple times. He crawled around quite a bit but abrated his ankle pretty badly on the rough surface of the pool bottom.   


He had such a good time that he fell asleep, totally exhausted, on my shoulder at the end of the day. It was very sweet.  

Grandma and Reason are all wet! 

Grandma and Reason are all wet! 

Crawling and Standing

Reason has started crawling all over creation. He is also pulling himself up on everything and standing.  personally, I don't think it will be long before he is walking. 


He has been rather clingy the past few days, something to do with teething I think. But when he's feeling up to it, he ventures out on his own and crawls around the house or wherever we happen to be. The above video was taken at the Cherry Creek mall, where we took him to play. He likes watching all the big kids run around.